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Mmmm, I feel better already.

I sent a note to all of my classmates here in Fort Wayne to make sure they'd seen the offending chatter. Either one of them was the one who'd talked to our mysterious e-mail sender and had a few choice words, or someone else knew how to get hold of them. Because when I got home from Dad's a few hours later, I found this in my inbox:
Dear 2nd years,
I am very sorry for the e-mail that I sent out earlier today. I should have anticipated other students and faculty reading the e-mail. Let me please explain.
First, my comment about "brainiacs" was completely uncalled for and I regretted that comment once I sent the e-mail out. What I wanted to do was dis-spell any idea that the grade disparity was due solely on intelligence. For example, if a group of Harvard medical students took the Path exam and all scored over a 90, my classmates and I would agree that they are probably far more superior in intelligence and experience. In reality, I think we are all probably of equal intelligence so the disparity is not do to that. Again, I wrote that comment not thinking that you would see that and I didn't want to make the e-mail any more long winded and explain what I meant. So please, take no offense to that, I am sure most of you are smarter than I am.
Second, I realize that my e-mail may have suggested that you cheated. That is completely FALSE. That idea never even crossed my mind.
The real reason I sent out the e-mail was because I feel that the Indy students should know that we are not receiving the same level of education as the other students. It was more of a knock on our own faculty than anything else. Also, I really wanted to make a statement that no one should fail the exam based soley on their final exam performance because it is obvious we were not prepared for it. Of course our teachers do not take the test for us, but I think you can see that they did not do their part in properly preparing us. I believe all of you would agree with me if you feared that you would have to repeat the year because the Path exam had nothing to do with what we were taught all year long. Almost every single student I talked to after the exam had that fear.
Again, please accept my apology. I meant no harm towards any of you.

Rereading the first e-mail, I don't feel that my initial reaction was unwarranted at all. What I read seems to be a slam on Fort Wayne campus - and I find that I still see that interpretation in light of the new e-mail. However, since the apology and clarification were issued with what is all apparent sincerity and humility, I will retract my own vitriol. Thanks to those of you who stood up.
And this time, the e-mail address didn't bounce.

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