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Low test scores, low standards?

The following message came through the IUSM mailing list from an AOL address:
2nd Year Indy students,
First of all, this e-mail is not intended to stir up any controversy or make any "attacks" on certain people. I just came across some information that I think everyone at the Indy campus should be entitled to hear.
I was talking to a fellow 2nd year at a Center campus and mentioned that the Indy Path scores were pretty low, with the average just over 70 and only 1 or so student(s) receiving over a 90. This student became shocked that we did so poorly since about 6 out of their 16 students scored over a 90 including one student that they know of that only missed 2 questions.
Do you find someone wrong with that picture? I mean, unless all their Path professors were trained by Gunderman and mentioned seeminlgy useless facts (like Bush tea), I just don't see how there is such a big disparity. Also, this is not a highly requested campus like Bloomington so these weren't exactly the brainiacs back in college. I just feel that this disparity is "multifactoral," (oh shoot, this ain't the Path lab exam so I don't need to use technical terms). I could go on with several theories why they kicked our ass but I won't do that. But, I think there is definitely something wrong. Lastly, I do not feel that anyone should fail Path based on their final exam performance. Thanks for reading this.

I tried to reply to the e-mail in person to confirm that it is indeed Fort Wayne s/he is discussing. Only to get AOL's response of "no such user". Guess who made a throwaway account just to send a message that implies we're cheating?
1) I am nearly 100% certain that the campus in question is us.
2) It's because we work our asses off, you son of a bitch. We don't have time to go out partying all the time, because we earn our grades.
3) Fort Wayne campus has a reputation for being hard. Really damn hard. We have the toughest first-year Anatomy course in the state, and it sets a precedent. That would not be consistent with us being "these weren't exactly the brainiacs back in college." Stupid people go to Indy, boys and girls, if there is such a thing as a stupid medical student. Smart kids know that the real learning is where they know your name.
4) Dr. Smith and his colleagues know their shit, and they make no pretense about letting us off easy. We're taught well, we're drilled on it, and Fort Wayne has the highest or one of the highest Pathology scores in the state every single year. Because we know our shit.
5) I have not gone through two years of hell just to have some coward in Indianapolis send an anonymous e-mail telling his or her colleagues that there's a "big disparity" when for two years now all we've heard from them is party invitations, intermurals, concerts and games. When they don't have to go to class or take notes - they have paid notetakers.

When we study and they play, and we learn and they don't, that's the disparity. That's why we scored better - we've been pushed and challenged, chivvied and chided and told time and time again that our pain is going to make us stronger.
I barely passed Pathology in Fort Wayne. I came into the final with a 75.4% average, when 75% is passing. I did not so much as look at a test-priming "review session"; we didn't have them offered. I picked up my BRS review books and I got to work and I reviewed the things I already knew. I reviewed the questions I knew would be on the exam because they were in the review books, because they were in previous exams. Because we were spared no pain. And I put in the time I should have put more of in all along.
I barely passed Fort Wayne Pathology. I scored an 82.6% on the statewide final exam. This is not a disparity, boys and girls. This is the simple affirmation that we have heard for a year now, the words that we have come to live by. "If you put in your time, you will do just fine."

We put in our time. We earned our reward. And sir or madam, you anonymous coward, you did not. Live with it. Don't bitch. And don't display your ignorance and pettiness so that we all look bad.

I'm not done, but I'll stop. You can find the other inanities yourself.

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