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One down, two to go....

I crossed myself before I walked into the Pathology final exam this morning. I'm not Catholic. I don't care. "Trust in the LORD with all thy heart, and lean not on thine own understanding." And I put in my time. I really did. So I opened the door and stepped in with the beginnings of a migraine (caffeine intake high, stress levels even higher) and a bottle of Benadryl in my bag. For after the exam, so I wouldn't zone out.
Lowene handed out the exams. 150 choose-one-best multiple choice questions. There were pictures on the front page, and I almost quit right then. Pictures? I didn't study pictures.
Deep breath. It's okay, there were pictures on the practise exams, and you did fine. These are even in colour.
I didn't need the pictures. Crystal-clear clinical histories. Lab results. Answers that had to be both correct or both incorrect. I did the math. At 2/3 of a point per question, I could miss 30 and get an 80. An 80% on the final...would be better than I'd gotten on any Pathology lecture exam this semester. A pipe dream. Best shoot to pass, and count on my autopsy report to make it.
I finished before anyone else. I went back through it, meticulously, just to make sure. When I was done the second time, so was half the class. I circled the questions I wasn't sure on. I counted them. 33. A 78%. Good enough to dredge my score up to passing for the semester. I just wanted a 75%. 78 would be wonderful.
Turned it in. Went to the lab. Answered Scott's question. Hands shaking, stomach knotting. Went back to see.
I stick my head in the door, around the little partition. Lowene looks up. "Nykki! I have to give you a hug..." My heart fell like a rock. A hug? Was it that bad? And before I could collapse, she went on. "...you nailed it."

Not only did I pass, I had nothing to worry about with that pass. I can't stop smiling. I can't believe it. Hallelu.
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