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Nobody wears a white coat any more...
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
O, wow, watch LJ eat my formatting...
Got almost nothing done today, only 20 pages of the 100 I wanted to have done. Wrote out a schedule. Promptly got behind.

Today: Cardiovascular (20 questions, 62 pages) and GIT (17 questions, 77 pages)
Sunday: Infectious Diseases (10 questions, 51 pages), Endocrinology (15 questions, 73 pages), Rheumatology (15 questions, 75 pages)
Monday: Renal (13 questions, + 1 urology for kicks; 87 pages), Neurology (14 questions, 67 pages), Pulmonary (14 questions, 45 pages)
Tuesday: Psychiatry (12 questions, no book section), OB-GYN (14 questions, no book section), posttest in the book.

The anal retentive will note that, if I tell you there are 173 questions in the exam, I'm not studying for all of them. I'm skipping Dermatology (5 questions), Paediatrics (7 questions), and ENT (4 questions). Not worth the effort...Of course, I got half of Cardio done and quit tonight, so.

Went to Suncoast today. Triple points day. Ordered Escaflowne box set, got all of Devil Hunter Yohko. Ooooops.
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