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I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date...

Woke up at 11:20, after lying in bed half-asleep and dreaming for two hours. I should've been studying.
Snapped at Angel for being a little sulky about having his brain picked so I could balance Quicken. Have to go apologise once he's off the phone.

Brought all my records up to date on Quicken. Status: We have less credit-card debt and slightly more bills to pay than I thought, thanks to that mysterious car insurance bill I never remember about. Payday is, as usual, going to be aptly timed, but we can manage it.
Mental note to fill out the direct-withdrawal forms for the mortgage and let Renee work her magic on direct-depositing.
Eyeing the NMS medicine book with trepidation and fear. I suppose now is as good as any a time to start. After lunch.
And in all the excitement of being unhappy last night, I forgot to mention: Cast is cut down to a short forearm cast. It's purple, Dr. H. is still hot and very encouraged by my X-rays (Alignment's perfect. Absolutely perfect), and I have the appointment to get the cast off.
Friday, 9 May.
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