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Quotes for 25 April...

  • GM: Illithid coaster!
    Angel: Illithid poster?
    GM: Illithid poser.
    Me: Yo yo yo, you down wit' dat brain-suckin', yo?
    GM: Yo, brother, what up?
    Me: Talk to da tentacle, maaaan...
    Bri: Is it safe to come back?

  • Angel: Could you please change over to Mozilla and scroll up three lines so I no longer see "theres nothing quite like the feeling of a 60 year old woman shoving her cold, gloved, ky-jellied-up fingers up your vagina trying to touch your cervix" when I look at your computer?
    Jefe: Anyone who seconds that motion, raise your hand...
    Hands go up around the room.

  • Jefe: Why don't you perform surgery on her and take her clit?

  • GM: He's really not a bad guy. Aside from being a vampire.
    Jefe: Everyone has problems.

  • James: What kind of lock?
    GM: The kind that goes on books
    Bri: Oh, a book-lock.

  • Angel (apparently randomly): I kill it. Really damn fast.

  • Me: Well, if leaving a trail of shattered innocence in my wake is horrible, I might be guilty of that.

  • Angel: Can I eat my ice cream now, or does it all have to go on my nose first?
    Me: Nose.

  • Angel: I'd feel like I was walking around in a giant body condom.
    Me: Practise safe psionics!

  • Me: I'd like you to go meet my mother, my sisters, and their entourage.
    Jefe: Your family is...Not dyslexic, um...dysfunctional.

  • Angel: I just buffed myself. All my psionics buff myself. All my spells buff myself....
    Me: She's spit-shiny!

  • Jefe: If anyone cares, my performance check was 35...
    Me: Karaoke after the battle!

  • GM: No, only one of the drow was a littly nancy. And he's the one who stabbed himself in the foot. (pantomimes, with lisp) I'm gonna shoot you...owww!

  • Bri: Good. I killed something.

  • Me (to James): Your platonic good looks will not affect me, daemon-boy.

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