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Nobody wears a white coat any more...
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
Today's Link of the Moment: Lords of the Rhymes (warning: Tolkien-themed gangsta rap; explicit lyrics and all that).
I am so amused.

19:00 - Angel is home, mowing the lawn. Chapter 10 is done, but I missed 4 out of 23 on the review.. Not as good as I had been doing. Partly distracted by need to raise study-hammock 18 inches (my butt drags the ground). Partly just tired. I should try to get chapter 11 done. Anaemias, yay.

19:49 - Chapter 11 done. All correct but one on the quiz - I know anaemias, we just had them in Medicine. Now if I could only remember that Pernicious Anaemia is a disease, not a generalised B12 deficiency (that makes three times I've missed a question on that)...

Tonight is Shan's graduation day. I can't afford to put time into Ansible over the next month of studying, so I'm graduating her. Coming back with a fresh new character (any ideas for a new recruit of Battle School, preferably male, would be appreciated. I'm stuck) in May.
Everyone else is sniffing and "oh it's so sad" about it. At the moment...I'm kind of indifferent. I'm going to miss the character; it's fun to play a 12-year-old budding lesbian in Battle School, but she's not the only interesting and/or controversial character I have. I'm not going to cry, most likely. Not that attached to her or Ansible.
Everyone who's going to want to see it, I'll log.

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