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Status quo.

15:07 - finished chapter 8.
Wandered around for 20 minutes or so, wondering how long the fucking dishwasher takes to do two pots, a plate, three glasses and five spoons. Started chapter 9.
15:50 - interrupted studying to answer my phone. Missed it. Waited for voice mail to come through after calling Mom and getting beeped at. Talked about cervical cancer. I love my mom's stories. Grandma took DES when she was pregnant with Mom. That puts her at increased risk for clear cell adenocarcinoma of the vagina. Mom says they told her she had some dysplasia, maybe she should get it looked at again? Maybe. Can't recall if the pap smear picks up adenocarcinoma too. Pathology in action.
16:09 - Back to chapter 9: The vascular system.
16:14 - Dishwasher is done. Move study materials downstairs to make lunch.
Washed pot by propping it against my stomach and sloshing a rag in it. It's clean starchy residue, and I'm going to boil water in it anyway. Right?
Went on a hunt for anthills. Windex does kill the little bastards. Sprayed everything that looked like it was thinking about being an anthill.
Ate. Mmmmm.

17:24 - Finally finished chapter 9.
Angel just left for home. Let's go for one or two more chapters today. Next up: the heart.
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