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No, if I only had one arm, I'd go around in circles all day.

In the fridge: leftover spaghetti sauce (no noodles), leftover heavy-on-the-cayenne taco meat and tortillas but no lettuce, leftover not-all-that-good pot roast that gave me bowel problems for days, leftover garlic bread.
In the pantry: lots of pasta, rice-a-roni, rice for the rice-maker, canned veggies, year-old canned soup nobody will eat.
I can't go to the store. I only have one functioning arm. My car is a stick-shift.
There are two pans in the house that I can use with one arm. One is tiny. One is dirty.

Running the dishwasher. Fuck the water bill for running it mostly empty, I'm hungry, and a PBJ just doesn't sound apppealing. Maybe I'll melt some cheese into pasta. Yum. Or maybe I'll make quesad-- No, I can't use the skillet. Damn.
Also gave in and turned the heat back on when the air in the house hit 59 in the warm part. Cranked it up to a sizzling 65. I can feel my toes again.

14:27. Going to go eat empty-calorie junk food and study nutritional disorders. Chapter 8, here I come.
Today, I feel prolific and unproductive.
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